The Greenwood Genetic Center is an equal opportunity employer.

The faculty and staff of the Greenwood Genetic Center work as a cohesive team to provide the highest quality care for the patients and families we serve. The information below highlights some of the career opportunities in the field of medical genetics. These do not represent current openings.

GGC also offers the only Postdoctoral Medical Genetics Training Program in South Carolina.

Clinical Geneticist

  • MD with clinical genetics residency training; Certification by American Board of Medical Genetics
  • Clinical geneticists specialize in genetic disorders and dysmorphology. They conduct the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of individuals referred to genetics clinic for a variety of indications. Clinical geneticists at GGC evaluate patients across the lifespan including pediatric and adult consultations and examinations. The clinical geneticist, along with the genetic counselor, also provides counseling and information to the patient/family.

 Genetic Counselor

  • Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling; Certification by American Board of Genetic Counseling
  • Genetic Counselors elicit medical and family history during the patient’s visit. They assist the clinical geneticist with explaining the genetic findings and counseling the family regarding inheritance patterns, recurrence risks and genetic testing options. The genetic counselor will also provide resources and support information.


  • Master’s degree or PhD in clinical psychology or neuropsychology
  • GGC’s Psychologists work closely in the evaluation of children with autism, developmental delay and intellectual disabilities. They administer psychological testing to assist the clinical team with diagnosis and treatment for these patients.

 Metabolic Dietitian

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Nutrition; Registered and Licensed
  • The metabolic dietitian oversees the ongoing dietary needs of GGC patients who are on dietary therapy through the Metabolic Treatment Program. The dietitian maintains close contact with families to ensure compliance with dietary therapies, adjusts diets as needed and provides nutritional counseling.

 Laboratory Director

  • PhD in Genetics (Cytogenetics, Biochemical Genetics or Molecular Genetics) with fellowship training; Certification by the American Board of Medical Genetics
  • The Laboratory Director oversees the operations of the diagnostic laboratory including employee supervision, quality control and review and signing out of test results. The Director will also work toward implementing new test protocols and technologies in the lab and ensure the lab’s compliance with regulatory agencies.

 Laboratory Technologist

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, often in Genetics, Biology, Chemistry or Medical Technology
  • Laboratory Technologists perform laboratory assays following the testing protocol and laboratory safety precautions. They are responsible for quality control measures and analyze results which are reviewed and signed out by the laboratory director.

 Genetics Educator

  • Bachelor’s degree in life sciences and/or education with preferred graduate training
  • Genetics Educators provide educational opportunities in the areas of genetics and biotechnology for students, teachers and the general public. They offer lectures to classroom and community groups, conduct tours of the GGC and plan and manage laboratory activities for students on the mobile science lab and in our Genetic Education Center lab.

 Research Scientist

  • PhD in Genetics-related field
  • Research scientists at GGC are responsible for the development of research studies and protocols through the JC Self Research Institute as well as collaborations with colleagues across the globe. They implement the laboratory and clinical data collection and statistical analysis and publish significant findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. They also work closely with diagnostic laboratory directors to translate research findings into clinical tests.



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