How Funds Are Used

The GGC Foundation and all gifts received make an immediate impact on the operations of the Greenwood Genetic Center. Gifts may be designated to one of the below areas:

The GGC Annual Fund

The GGC Annual Fund provides unrestricted support where the needs are most critical. These funds help in the following areas and may be designated to directly benefit these needs.

  • Diagnostic Services
    Thousands of patient samples arrive at the Center each month as families look to GGC to help find a diagnosis. The GGC Foundation funding drives the daily search for answers for these families from across South Carolina and the world.
  • Treatment
    Through the funding support of the GGC Foundation, the Center is making real progress in uncovering the basic processes that cause genetic disorders and identifying ways to treat or prevent their devastating effects.
  • Research
    The JC Self Research Institute at GGC is among the most successful genetic research programs in the world where underlying causes of birth defects and genetic disorders are continuously revealed. This life-giving research can only be accomplished through philanthropic contributions.
  • Education
    Funding from GGC Foundation donations is used to provide outreach educational opportunities for middle and high school students, train medical geneticists, provide courses and mentoring for college students, and continuing education for high school teachers. The Center also provides informational materials and programs to healthcare providers, families and communities across South Carolina and the world.

The GGC Board Endowment Fund

The GGC Board Endowment Fund is building a legacy of funds for GGC. A percentage of earnings each year is used to benefit general needs as they arise.

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To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation, contact

Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation
113 Gregor Mendel Circle
Greenwood, SC 29646
(864) 388-1813


If you prefer to mail a contribution, please print the reply card and mail to the above address.

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