Fetal Examination

The Center for Anatomic Studies devotes its resources toward understanding the mechanisms by which birth defects occur and how they may be prevented. Investigations focus on the processes of embryonic and fetal growth and on the contribution of faulty blood vessels to birth defects.

The Center for Anatomic Studies provides fetal examination as a service to physicians and their patients. This service is also a component of the South Carolina Birth Defects Surveillance and Prevention Program. For questions or to discuss a potential candidate for fetal examination call 864-388-1700.

Interpretation of weights and measurements obtained at perinatal autopsy can be facilitated by logging on to the web address http://autopsy.jarchie.com which provides direct access to the regressions published in the article Quantitative Standards for Fetal and Neonatal Autopsy, by Archie JG, Collins JS, Lebel RR: Am J Clin Path 126 (2):256, 2006.

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