Bend Completes GGC Fellowship

Bend Completes GGC Fellowship

Eric Bend, PhD completed a Clinical Molecular Genetics and Genomics fellowship through the Greenwood Genetic Center’s Medical Genetics Training Program in June. Dr. Bend joined GGC in 2015 from the University of Utah where he earned a PhD in neuroscience. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in GGC’s
research laboratory prior to transitioning into the two-year molecular fellowship.
Bend’s interests lie in the area of new genomic technologies and their implications for diagnosing and treating genetic diseases. He and his wife,
Renee Bend, PhD, a Molecular Specialist at GGC, will be moving to Wisconsin to a begin positions with PreventionGenetics as a Human Molecular Geneticist
and Associate Human Molecular Geneticist, respectively.
GGC’s training program includes intensive education in laboratory technologies, clinical genetics, and diagnostic laboratory management. GGC is one
of only 44 sites in the US and the only program in SC offering such postgraduate training programs in clinical and laboratory genetics. Since the
program began in 1989, 37 fellows and residents have completed the training and have gone on to practice clinical genetics or take leadership roles
in genetics laboratories.

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