Center Launches GGC Foundation

Center Launches GGC Foundation

The results are extraordinary and significant:

  • Seventy healthy babies are born each year in SC free of birth defects because of the Greenwood Genetic Center’s (GGC’s) commitment to educating women of childbearing age on the importance of folic acid;
  • Scientists at GGC’s JC Self Research Institute have identified 1/3 of the genes on the X chromosome responsible for brain function;
  • A high school student decides to become a genetic counselor as she learns about sickle cell disease through a laboratory activity on GGC’s Gene Machine;
  • A family struggles for years to discover the cause of neurological disease in their three children until whole exome sequencing through the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) is able to pinpoint a genetic mutation. The next step is to understand how that mutation leads to disease with the ultimate goal of finding an effective therapy to improve the quality of life for these siblings.

These are all true stories of discovery, inspiration and compassion fueled through programs of the Genetic Center. To help ensure that the GGC stays at the forefront of genetic medicine while also ensuring access to all who need genetic services, the Center announces the creation of the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation. The newly structured GGC Foundation is a joining of the Center’s two philanthropic funding sources, the Genetics and Birth Defects Research Foundation and the SC Genetics Endowment.

The GGC Foundation will raise private funds to supplement the Center’s current funding structure which primarily consists of public support and fee income. “Private philanthropy helped the Center get its start in Greenwood, and the Center’s friends and donors continue to support impactful GGC programs and services,” explains Steve Skinner, Director of GGC. “The Foundation’s restructuring and name change make it clearer that gifts are benefiting the children, families and students served by GGC.”

“I support the GGC Foundation because I believe in the work they’re doing and in the vision of the Center to reduce the impact of genetic disorders,” shares Greenwood attorney, Bob Erwin who serves as the Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. “Giving to the Center’s mission of compassionate care, cutting edge research and innovative educational programs through the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation is a simple way to make a big impact.”

To support the mission of GGC through the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation visit the Foundation’s webpage. All gifts are tax-deductible and can be designated to support the donor’s program of choice (clinical services, diagnostic testing, research or education).

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