Dr. Timothy Fee Recipient of 2018 Susan R. Patterson Award at GGC

Dr. Timothy Fee Recipient of 2018 Susan R. Patterson Award at GGC

GREENWOOD, SC  – Timothy Fee, PhD has been awarded the 2018 Susan R. Patterson Professional
Development Award in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics by the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC).
Fee, who joined GGC’s faculty in 2016, received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He uses his engineering
expertise as a staff scientist in GGC’s microarray diagnostic laboratory to improve existing workflows, implement new technologies for diagnostic
testing, and automate data processing for both the diagnostic and research laboratories.
“Dr. Fee’s exceptional work and engineering mindset has allowed us to improve the technology and turnaround time in our laboratory, resulting in faster
answers for more patients,” said Barb DuPont, PhD, Senior Director of GGC’s Cytogenetics
and Microarray Laboratories.
The award supports ongoing professional education and development for faculty and staff at GGC who are involved in bioinformatics work. Fee will use
funds from the award to travel to Atlanta for the Biomedical Engineering Society’s annual meeting in October.
“Spending time with 7000 other biomedical engineers provides countless opportunities to benefit from the experience of others and could offer new insights
into creative solutions,” said Fee. “Often scientists in different fields confront the same types of problems. By seeing how other people overcome
these challenges, I can learn from their approach when I face similar questions at GGC.”
Dr. Walt Patterson, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Lander University, established the Susan R. Patterson Professional Development Award in Bioinformatics & Computational Genomics through a gift to the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation in memory
of his wife. The award serves to honor and perpetuate her lifelong devotion to the field of education in mathematics. Susan was also passionate
about supporting families and children faced with genetic disorders who are served by GGC.
“I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to attend this meeting, and to the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation and Dr. Patterson for honoring
the legacy of his wife in a way that will help us improve our work and honor our commitment to the patients and families we serve.”

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