GGC's Champaigne Named Health Care Hero

GGC's Champaigne Named Health Care Hero

Neena Champaigne, MD, Assistant Clinical Geneticist and Director of the Metabolic Treatment Program at the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) has been named
by GSA Business as their 2013 Physician Healthcare Hero. GSA Business annually recognizes individuals and organizations with a passion
for healthcare and compassion for patients. Champaigne was nominated by her colleagues and patients for her dedication and commitment to families impacted
by rare metabolic disorders, many of which are diagnosed through the SC Newborn Screening Program and require lifelong dietary or other treatments
to prevent intellectual disability, seizures or even death.

“Dr. Champaigne is respected and loved by her patients for her caring and compassionate manner and unequaled expertise on these rare disorders,” shared
Dr. Steve Skinner, GGC Director. “She is directly available to her patients and their families at all times and regularly goes above and beyond for
the families she serves. This is a well deserved honor.”

“It is very rewarding to be practicing genetic medicine in a time when so many discoveries are making these potentially devastating diseases not only manageable,
but in some cases, preventable,” expressed Champaigne. “This is really a team approach involving many GGC faculty and staff along with close cooperation
from our patients and their amazing families. They are my heroes.” Champaigne was recognized at an awards dinner in Greenville on May 16th and will
be profiled in the June 3rd issue of GSA Business.

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