GGC's Summer Newsletter

GGC's Summer Newsletter

GGC’s Summer 2019 Friends of the Center Newsletter is now available!


  • GGC lab is first in the world to offer new diagnostic test
  • Dr. Charles Schwartz is retiring after 34 years. Learn about his amazing legacy.
  • Dr. Roger Stevenson honored with Rimoin Lifetime Achievement Award

    and much more….

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Three boys and their dad

Meet the Shorter Boys

Unexpected. If there is a term that sums up life it could very well be: unexpected. Life is full of unexpected moments. Some of these moments can be full of unexpected blessings while others may be full of unexpected obstacles. However, sometimes the unexpected can be both an obstacle and blessing at the same time; you just need someone to help you see both sides. The Greenwood Genetic Center is a place that helps shed some light on the unexpected ...

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