Students Raise Funds for GGC Foundation on Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Students Raise Funds for GGC Foundation on Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Missy Codington’s 10th grade biology students at Laurens Academy presented a check for $154 to the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation.

The students raised money through a bake sale at the school in March in recognition of Down Syndrome Awareness Day. This awareness day falls on March 21,
or 3/21, each year because individuals with Down syndrome have three copies of chromosome 21. Students planned the event, baked desserts, and managed
the sale in honor of Codington’s nephew who has Down syndrome.

“This class took care of everything; they are a very responsible group and have such big hearts,” said Codington. “The students wanted to make a gift that
could directly benefit a family impacted by Down syndrome.”

“We are so grateful to see the spirit of giving in these students, and on behalf of the families that this gift will support, we say thank you,” Victoria Hann, Director of the GGC Foundation shared with the students at the check presentation at the school. “The GGC Foundation has a ‘Families in Need’ fund
and this gift will help provide needed testing or services for a child with Down syndrome.”

Codington’s students have also benefitted from the Center’s educational outreach programs through visits to the Center and experiences on the Gene Machine mobile science lab.
“Our former students have come back from college classes so grateful for their hands-on experience through the Greenwood Genetic Center,” said Codington.
“It provided the background that they needed to excel in science at that next level.”

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