Newton, Haley

Genetics Instructor

Newton, Haley

Haley joined GGC’s education division in 2022. She is one of our genetics education instructors who travel across South Carolina to provide students with laboratory experiences. She works with students in their classrooms, on the Gene Machine Mobile Science Lab, and at the GGC campus. Her goal is to spread excitement for genetics education and the STEM field.

Contact Information

Office (864) 941-8194


  • B.A., Public Health, College of Charleston, 2019

Lucy's Story

When our daughter Lucy had a metabolic crisis at 7 days old, we were shocked and devastated to find out that she was born with a rare genetic disorder (MSUD). Her newborn screening results did not make it back in time to prevent the crisis, and no one at our local hospital was familiar with the disease. They did not know how to treat her. Calls were made to Greenwood Genetic Center to confirm her diagnosis and guide her care. Dr. Champaigne and Ami...

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