Tedder, Matt

Staff Scientist

Tedder, Matt

Dr. Tedder is a Staff Scientist in the Diagnostic Laboratories at the Greenwood Genetic Center. He received a Ph.D. in Healthcare Genetics from Clemson University where he worked on the development and validation of a next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel for hereditary breast cancer patients in South Carolina. Similarly, his primary interest is how emerging genetic technologies can be utilized to improve patient care from diagnosis to treatment. He is also interested in the ethical, legal, and social implications that arise from the use of genetic technology in the clinical setting. At GGC, Dr. Tedder is working on the development and validation of new oncology assays. He also assists in molecular and cytogenetic testing, data analysis,
and variant interpretation.

Contact Information:

Office: (864) 388-1721
Fax: (864) 941-8141


  • BS, Biology, Francis Marion University, 2010
  • PhD, Healthcare Genetics, Clemson University, 2018

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