Genetics Education

Genetics Education

The future of medical genetics relies on enthusiastic and well-educated scientists. Greenwood Genetic Center’s Division of Education takes seriously the obligation of supporting that future by offering training and educational opportunities to middle school, high school and college students as well as healthcare professionals.

The Division of Education provides outreach educational programs including a Speaker’s Bureau and mobile science labs, as well as resources, courses, and workshops for teachers, and training for postgraduate students and healthcare providers.

The Helix Express is a newer addition to the outreach program. Purchased through funds from the SC Education Oversight Committee, the Helix Express is a cargo van that allows instructors to transport lab equipment into the classroom to accommodate more schools and classes that exceed the capacity of the Gene Machine.

Contact Dr. Leta Tribble at (864) 943-4170 or send email for more information on how GGC can serve you or your students.

GGC’s Outreach Educational program has completed another amazing year thanks to the wonderful teachers, students, and supporters. You can see our latest update here.

Mom looking at daughter

Meet Esther

Esther was referred to GGC around a year of age after her parents and pediatrician identified concerns with her development. She was diagnosed with Rett syndrome by Dr. David Everman of GGC's Greenville office. GGC is a Rett Syndrome Center of Excellence and has been caring for Esther ever since her diagnosis. Meet Esther, her family, and friends in this video from Special Books by Special Kids....

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