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The GGC Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 established to serve as the philanthropic arm supporting the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) in their work of serving families in the fight against genetic diseases, birth defects and autism. GGC has provided over 50 years of compassionate clinical care, unparalleled diagnostic lab services, globally-renowned research discoveries and innovative educational programs.

Through five decades of dramatic technological advances, the era of genetic therapeutics is upon us – GGC is poised to be at the forefront of this exciting time where the hopes of yesterday are becoming the realities of today.

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A Message From Helen Campbell

Board Member

“To a mother, there is no greater gift and no greater blessing, than to feel you have been able to be your child’s voice in this world, especially when they don’t have a voice. This is what the Greenwood Genetic Center does each and every day for families, just like mine. They give us a voice… That is why I am so honored to serve on the GGC Foundation Board, where I can help support the GGC’s work of giving voices to the voiceless! ”

The GGC Foundation is grateful for Helen's service to our board. Learn more about Helen and her family here.

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