First Citizens Foundation Supports Telegenetics


First Citizens Bank Foundation has pledged $30,000 to the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) Foundation to support the Center’s telegenetics initiative. Jerry Stevens, Senior VP and Market Executive at First Citizens Bank in Greenwood,
recently presented a check for $10,000 to the Foundation as the second gift of their three-year pledge.

Telehealth is a way for patients to receive services including physical exams, counseling and consultations virtually, from a provider in another location. GGC is began its telehealth program in last fall between its offices in Florence and Charleston, with continued expansion to all GGC offices.

“Patient access to care is a challenge that we have addressed in many ways over the years at GGC,” said Mike Lyons, MD, Co-Director of Clinical Services and head of the telegenetics initiative at GCG. “With the advanced communication technologies now available, a provider in one location can see a patient in another location and provide clinical evaluations, consults and genetic counseling. This will make it so much easier for patient in rural areas of our state, or those with transportation issues or other barriers, to access the care they need.”

The telegenetics program includes high resolution video equipment and specialized medical tools that can be used in the exam.

“First Citizens Bank is excited to be a partner and continue our support of the GGC in their continued efforts to provide quality genetic services to patients, no matter where they are,” said Stevens. “We are so fortunate to have a world class organization like the GGC right here in our own backyard of Greenwood, SC, but for those in other areas, this telegenetics program will ensure that they can receive these critical services as well.”

“GGC is grateful for First Citizens’ commitment to enhancing the lives of patients across SC and beyond through their support of telegenetics and many other GGC
programs over the years,” said Center Director, Steve Skinner, MD. “We are often caring for families in very difficult and fragile medical situations. Telegenetics is removing the inconvenience, burden and expense of travel, and reducing wait times, so these families can focus on what’s most important – getting the care their loved ones need.”

To learn how you can support this initiative, or other programs of GGC, visit the GGC Foundation website or call 864-388-1813.