Our Why: Care Reimagined

At Greenwood Genetic Center, our mission is driven by a profound commitment to transform the lives of individuals and families affected by genetic disorders.

Our Care Reimagined campaign embodies this commitment, presenting a different approach to genetic healthcare that addresses the urgent needs of our patients.

Unmet Needs and Challenges in Genetics

  • Delayed Diagnoses: For many individuals with rare genetic diseases, obtaining an accurate diagnosis can take up to seven years, often resulting in misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments.
  • Financial Barriers: The high cost of genetic testing and therapies can be prohibitive, preventing patients from accessing the care they need.
  • Technological Limitations: Current genetic testing methods sometimes fall short, leaving many patients without clear answers.
  • Limited Treatment Options: Even with a diagnosis, many patients face limited or no treatment options due to the slow pace of drug development and approval.

Our Vision

The Care Reimagined campaign is our blueprint for the next 50 years of advancing genetic healthcare. By focusing on the Four As—Access, Analysis, Answers, and Action—we are dedicated to providing:

  • Access: Through the GGC Cares Fund, we ensure that no family receives a bill for genetic testing, services, or treatment, breaking down financial barriers to care.
  • Analysis: Our Innovation Initiative adopts the latest genomic technologies, like PacBio long-read sequencing, to enhance diagnostic capabilities and provide faster, more accurate results.
  • Answers: The Genomic Discovery Program goes beyond traditional diagnostic methods, utilizing research-based approaches to uncover the genetic causes of undiagnosed conditions.
  • Action: The Therapeutic Research and Development Fund focuses on repurposing existing FDA-approved drugs and developing new therapies, delivering life-changing treatments to our patients.

Making a Difference

Care Reimagined is not just a campaign; it is a movement towards a future where every patient receives precise, personalized, and timely care. By investing in these initiatives, we aim to:

  • Shorten the time to diagnosis for rare genetic disorders.
  • Eliminate financial and geographical barriers to genetic services.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technologies to solve genetic mysteries.
  • Develop and deliver effective treatments, improving the quality of life for our patients.

Join us in our mission to reimagine genetic care. Together, we can create a future where every patient has access to the best possible care and the hope of a healthier tomorrow.