Pollard, Laura

Lead Director, Biochemical Genetics Laboratory; Director, Laboratory Training Program

Pollard, Laura

Dr. Pollard came to the Greenwood Genetic Center as a clinical laboratory fellow in 2007. She has completed fellowships in both clinical biochemical genetics and clinical molecular genetics and is certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ABMGG) in both specialties. She was named assistant director of the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory at the Greenwood Genetic Center in January 2011 and was promoted to associate director in 2015. In 2017, Dr. Pollard also became the Laboratory Training Program Director at the Greenwood Genetic Center.

Dr. Pollard is a member of the American College of Medical Genetics, American Society of Human Genetics, and the Society of Inherited Metabolic Disease.

The Biochemical Genetics Laboratory offers a broad spectrum of clinical testing and serves as the follow-up laboratory for the South Carolina newborn screening program. In particular, the laboratory specializes in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with a wide variety of lysosomal storage disorders.

Contact Information

Office (864) 388-1070
Fax (864) 941-8133
[email protected]


  • B.S., Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, 2001
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 2007
  • Clinical Biochemical Genetics Fellow, Greenwood Genetic Center, 2007-2009
  • Clinical Molecular Genetics Fellow, Greenwood Genetic Center, 2009-2010
  • Assistant Director, Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Greenwood Genetic Center, 2011-2014
  • Associate Director, Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Greenwood Genetic Center, 2015-2021
  • Lead Director. Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Greenwood Genetic Center, 2021-present

Selected Publications

  • Ferreira CR, Devaney JM, Hofherr SE, Pollard LM, Cusmano-Ozog K. Hereditary fructose intolerance mimicking a biochemical phenotype of mucolipidosis: A review of the literature of secondary causes of lysosomal enzyme activity elevation in serum. Am J Med Genet A. 2017. 173(2): 501-509.
  • Ellsworth KA, Pollard LM, Cathey S, Wood T. Measurement of elevated concentrations of urine keratan sulfate by UPLC-MSMS in lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs): comparison of urine keratan sulfate levels in MPS IVA versus other LSDs. JIMD Rep. 2016 July 28.
  • Champaigne NL, Leroy JG, Kishnani PS, Decaestecker J, Steenkiste E, Chaubey A, Li J, Verslype C, Van Dorpe J, Pollard L, Goldstein JL, Libbrecht L, Basehore M, Chen N, Hu H, Wood T, Friez MJ, Huizing M, Stevenson RE. New observation of sialuria prompts detection of liver tumor in previously reported patient. Mol Genet Metab. 2016. 118(2): 92-9.
  • Morrone A, Tylee KL, Al-Sayed M, Brusius-Facchin AC, Caciotti A, Church HJ, Coll MJ, Davidson K, Feitz MJ, Gort L, Hegde M, Kubaski F, Lacerda L, Laranjeira F, Leistner-Segal S, Mooney S, Pajares S, Pollard L, Ribeiro I, Wang RY, Miller N. Molecular testing of 163 patients with Morquio A (Mucopolysaccharidosis IVA) identifies 39 novel GALNS mutations. Mol Genet Metab. 2014. 112(2): 160-70.
  • Pollard LM, Jones JR, Wood TC. Molecular characterization of 355 mucopolysaccharidosis patients reveals 104 novel mutations. J Inherit Metab Dis. 2013. 36(2): 179-87.
  • De Biase I, Champaigne NL, Schroer R, Pollard LM , Longo N, Wood T. Primary carnitine deficiency presents atypically with long QT syndrome: a case report. JIMD Rep. 2012. 2: 87-90.
  • Sowell J, Pollard L, Wood T. Quantification of branched-chain amino acids in blood spots and plasma by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for the diagnosis of maple syrup urine disease. J Sep Sci. 2011. 34(6): 631-9.
  • Pollard LM, Williams NR, Espinoza L, Wood TC, Spector EB, Schroer RJ, Holden KR. Diagnosis, treatment and long-term outcomes of late-onset (type III) multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency. J Child Neurol. 2010. 25(8): 954-960.

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