General Genetics Clinic

General Genetics Clinic

Most people don’t know exactly what goes on at a general genetics clinic until they are in need of genetic services. The general genetics clinics held at each of the Greenwood Genetic Center’s five offices, located across South Carolina, offer comprehensive genetic evaluations for patients from birth through adulthood. A referral from a healthcare provider is required to make an appointment for genetic consultation. A primary physician, pediatrician or other healthcare specialist can make a referral for patients from South Carolina with symptoms of or concerns about a genetic disease.

Why Visit a General Genetics Clinic?

Patients and their families come to the Greenwood Genetic Center for a variety of reasons. The goal of genetics services is to help those who are at risk, or affected by a genetic disorder. In addition to testing, GGC provides genetic consultation, education and resources for those seeking treatment, management and support. Some of the common reasons for a genetics referral include:

  • Developmental delay
  • Intellectual disability
  • Autism
  • Birth defects
  • Growth delay
  • Any known or suspected genetic diagnosis
  • Family history of a known or suspected genetic condition

What to Expect at a General Genetics Clinic

The possibility of facing a genetic disorder is a stressful experience. The professional staff at GGC understands, and that is why we are dedicated to patient care. Our clinicians will guide you through every step, from consultation to management, if a disorder is diagnosed. The details of each appointment vary according the patient’s needs and concern, but the following process describes a typical visit to the general genetics clinic:

  • A clinical geneticist, service coordinator, or genetic counselor will meet with you to discuss the reason for your visit.
  • Your clinician will take a thorough personal health history and family health history.
  • You or your child may undergo a physical examination that may include taking photographs to document certain features for your medical record.
  • The clinician will discuss the findings of the consultation and the options available.
  • If appropriate, tests will be ordered.

If you have questions about the general genetics clinic at Greenwood Genetic Center, call the GGC office to which you have been referred or contact us now.

You can also review our ‘Preparing for Your Genetic Visit’ brochure, also available in Spanish.

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