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See Greenwood Genetic Center in action as we work to provide top of the line clinical genetic services, diagnostic laboratory testing, and research to provide compassionate care in the field of medical genetics.

All About GGC Education – Gene Week Event feat. Miss SC 2019

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I Race the Helix for…

Jammin’ for Genes SD

Race the Helix – One Family’s Vision

Race the Helix – short video

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The Greenwood Genetic Center

What is the Greenwood Genetic Center? – A Brief Overview

What is the Greenwood Genetic Center? – An Overview

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Dr. Charles Schwartz ClemsonCHG 8.25.15 FoxCarolina

Dr. Walter Kaufmann discusses a new book on Rett syndrome – October 26, 2017

Fox Carolina Endowed Chair 11 5 13

Live segments about Jammin’ for Genes – Fox Carolina 8-25-15

Rett Syndrome – FOX 24 NEWS NOW – 5/30/17

WYFF Endowed Chair 11 5 13

Bioinformatics – Drew Lay, MS

Laboratory Technologist – Khirston Howard

Clinical Geneticist – Mike Lyons, MD

Laboratory Director – Ben Hilton, PhD

Gene Machine – Blood Typing Lab Demo

Genetic Counseling – Camerun Washington, MS, CGC

Introduction to Micropipetting

Metabolic Dietitian – Amie Thompson, RD, LD

Research Scientist – Heather Flanagan-Steet, PhD

Physician Assistant – Lauran Buch, MSPAS, PA-C

Genetic Assistant – Mattie Piotrowski

Welcome to GGC – for students

A Story of Hope: The Patient Advocate Role in Drug Development

Addressing Problem Behavior in Autism – Mark Knight, BCBA

Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD): Have a Glass of Good Genes – Dr. Luigi Boccuto

Animating molecular machines aids in discovery and diagnosis

Approaches to understanding human malformations in the genomics era

Autism Research at the Greenwood Genetic Center – Now and Looking Ahead

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Awareness, data, and statistics

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Genetic and Environmental Factors

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Treatments and Preventions

Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Overview

Autosomal Intellectual Disability – 700 Genes and Counting

Bad Medicine

Birth Defects: Awareness, Data, and Statistics

Birth Defects: Surveillance and Prevention

Bridging the Gap: ABA-Based Classroom Structure – Andrea Hudspeth, BCBA

ClemsonLIFE Presentation to Greenwood Genetic Center

Clinical Methylation Arrays

Clinical Trials: Cell cultures, animals and children

CRISPR Craze: The Ins and Outs of Targeted Genome Editing

Decoding Mortality and Longevity

Designing Clinical Practice Protocols for Metabolic Disorders

Development of Communication Skills in Autism – Lisa Lane, JD

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Genetic Disorders – Dr. Charles Russo

Diagnostic Criteria for Autism: DSM-5 and Beyond

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (Chromosomes and NIPT) But Were Afraid to Ask

Excel to Exascale: A Journey from Spreadsheets to Supercomputers

Expanded newborn screening and early diagnosis

Genetic and Nongenetic Factors Influencing Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Genetic Technology Advancements

Genome and RNA sequencing

Intellectual Disabilities: Awareness, Data, and Statistics

Intellectual Disabilities: Genetic and Environmental Factors

Intellectual Disabilities: Preventable Fraction and Treatment

Making Genital Ambiguity Less Ambiguous

Medical Genetics History and Future Directions – Dr. Jerry Feldman


Mitochondrial Diseases: Mysteries still hidden in the little circle of DNA

Modernization of Clinical Services at GGC – Dr. Mike Lyons

Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Association with EDS/HSD

NGS, Microarray, and Metabolomics at GGC: Beyond Disabilities

Overview of Project HOPE Foundation Services – Susan Sachs, MSW

Oxygen is a Big Deal: The Role of Oxygen in Evolution – Dr. Ray Louie

Ronald McDonald House – Greenville, SC

SC Autism Conference – The Greenwood Genetic Center’s role in autism research

Split hand/foot Malformation – Dr. David Everman

The History of Autism: From “Schizophrenia” to “Spectrum”

The Third Wave: How Precision Medicine Will Accelerate the Move to Value – Grace Terrell, MD

What do we know of the neuroscience and genetics of autism? – Dr. Luigi Boccuto

Whole Genome Exome Array (CytoScan Xon) and Whole Genome Mapping (BioNano)

CFC Syndrome – Dr. Giovanni Neri

Chin Dimples and Chin Clefts – Normal Variant or Minor Anomaly?

Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation – Dr. Jules Leroy

Diagnostic Approach to the Dysmorphic Patient – Dr. Bryan Hall

Diagnostic Pearls: New and Old – Dr. Bryan Hall

Dysmorphology of the Ear – Dr. Bryan Hall

Epigenetics/Epigenomics – Dr. Dan Rohme

Evaluation of the Face – Dr. Bryan Hall

Evaluation of the Hands – Dr. Bryan Hall

Fragile X syndrome and Autism Revisited 1943-2016 – Dr. Giovanni Neri

Gregor Mendel and his Cultural Milieu

Gregor Mendel and the rediscovery of his laws of inheritance

Hall’s Rules of Dysmorphology – Part 1 – Dr. Bryan Hall

How CHARGE association (syndrome) was identified and expanded – Dr. Bryan Hall

I-Cell Disease, ML II, ML III, Pseudo-Hurler Polydystrophy: A Clinical and Scientific History – Dr. Jules Leroy

Lessons Learned from Three Rare Syndromes – Dr. Jules Leroy

Maternal Diabetes and Infants of Diabetic Mothers

Multiple Congenital Anomaly Syndromes – Dr. Bryan Hall

Non-CHARGE Multiple Congenital Anomaly (MCA) Syndromes Associated with Choana Atresia/Stenosis (CAS) – Dr. Bryan Hall

Pediatric Cancer Syndromes

Personalized Medicine – Dr. Dan Rohme

Precision Medicine in Cancer – Dr. Giovanni Neri

Recognition of Skeletal Dysplasias: Old and New

Secrets of Dysmorphology – Dr. Bryan Hall

Sex Determination – Dr. Giovanni Neri

The Human Genome Project – Basis of the Era of ‘Omics’ – Dr. Dan Rohme

The Writing of a Scientific Article: Variations on the Theme

Williams Syndrome by Dr. Bryan Hall

Creating a Dried Blood Spot from tube of blood

Dried Blood Spot Collection Instructions

Greenwood Genetic Center 6th Counseling Aids App

Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening

Saliva Kit Instructions

Meet Reggie Roper

Reggie has been part of the GGC family for over 18 years. He has short stature, webbing of his hands, pulmonary stenosis, seizures and hydrocephalus along with developmental delay. He carried an initial diagnosis of cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC) syndrome; however, as genetic testing advanced, GGC made the diagnosis of Noon...

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