Genetic Counseling Clinical Research Mini-Rotation

Thanks to strong interest, all 2020-2021 rotation positions have been filled at this time. 


Genetic counselors are increasingly involved in research, but clinical research is not typically a focus of student rotations. This mini-rotation is a new opportunity for second-year genetic counseling students to gain exposure to clinical research that is fully remote with flexible scheduling. 
Students will discuss learning objectives and set a schedule with the supervisor at the beginning of the rotation. Students will work mostly independently, but check in regularly with the rotation supervisor for discussion and observe regular weekly meetings of GGC faculty and staff. Topics of study include observational research, clinical trials, research grants, and disease-specific therapies. The focus will be on areas of clinical research and treatment ongoing at GGC which include lysosomal storage and neurodevelopmental disorders though students can choose additional topics of personal interest.

Learning Outcomes

  1.  Demonstrate and utilize depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge of genetics and genomics core concepts and principles. (Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling Practice-Based Competency I.1)
  2.  Integrate knowledge of psychosocial aspects of conditions with a genetic component to promote client well-being. (I.2)
  3.  Critically assess genetic/genomic, medical and social science literature, and information. (I.7)
  4.  Write concise and understandable clinical and scientific information for audiences of varying educational backgrounds. (III.15)
  5.  Demonstrate an understanding of the research process. (IV.18)


Students will report self-assessed progress in the 5 learning outcomes and provide open-ended feedback about the rotation. The rotation supervisor will grade students pass/fail based on discussions in meetings, a final project, and a review of the self-assessment. Students who pass the mini-rotation will be provided a certificate of completion from GGC. This experience is provided at no charge to students or programs by a Sanofi Genzyme Independent Medical Education grant. 

Example Schedule

Week 1

Week 2 


Thanks to strong interest, all 2020-2021 rotation positions have been filled at this time.

Students and/or Program Directors should contact the rotation supervisor: Jennifer Stallworth, MS, CGC at or 864-250-7944. To apply, please email the supervisor regarding interest, confirming eligibility, and noting months available. Eligible genetic counseling students will be:

  • in their final two semesters of training,
  • enrolled at an ACGC-accredited program in the US, and
  • able to access resources to complete the rotation virtually (i.e. high-speed internet, access to virtual meeting platforms, sufficient time, etc.).

Preference will be given to no more than one student from each institution. 

Meet Makayla Gunn

Makayla was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in April of 2015 at the age of two. At about 18 months, we noticed she had started some repetitive hand motions, and her pediatrician was a little concerned that she did not have many words. She had learned some sign language, and was saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’, but that was it. Then she suddenly stopped all of that. At her 2 year old check-up, the pediatrician referred us to BabyNet, SC’s early interve...

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