TELE-WHO, TELE-WHAT: The wave of Telehealth at Greenwood Genetic Center

From the SC Telehealth Alliance (SCTA)

Satisfied!! Satisfied!!

The words uttered from the voices of the patients that we serve at the Greenwood Genetic Center.

With the implementation of Greenwood Genetic Center Telehealth Initiative, we are hearing these words more often. It is the mission of the Greenwood Genetic
Center to be a Center of Excellence in Medical Genetics serving as a resource for all persons who need genetic services or information and working
to reduce the prevalence and impact of genetic disorders. Living up to the mission, Greenwood Genetic Center launched the telehealth initiative in
November 2016. The telehealth initiative is a resource that geneticists can use to provide access to genetic services to families across South Carolina.

At the Greenwood Genetic Center, genetic services that are offered are consultations, examinations, screening, and laboratory testing for genetic conditions.
Telehealth provides real time video interactions between the patient and doctor. Many in the healthcare field are yielding to the telehealth approach
due to limited professionals in the field of genetics. Many believe that telehealth is an essential tool in delivering healthcare services in the future.
Telehealth benefits everyone in meeting the healthcare needs of patients.

How does telehealth work?

At Greenwood Genetic Center patients seen via telehealth receive the same level of care that they would if they had a face-to-face visit. The patients
that are seen in our telehealth clinics are treated just as if the geneticist was physically in the office with them. Each patient is evaluated and
examined using high definition handheld video system known as the Horus Scope. The Horus Scope allows the geneticist to guide the telehealth coordinator
in examining the patient. The equipment has interchangeable attachments that allow the geneticist to examine the patient from head to toe. The Horus
Scope is also able to capture still images when needed.

Benefits of telehealth

  • Saves time-many families minimize the days taken off work
  • Cost efficient- save expenses related to traveling to and from doctors’ offices
  • Reduced travel times- for patients and physicians
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Convenient and accessible care for patients
  • Better patient care

Patient Satisfaction

Over 90 percent of the patients seen in the telehealth clinics have been satisfied with services they have received via telemedicine. Many families are
opting to have their next visit completed through telehealth. Here are some of the quotes from families that have received telehealth services at the
Greenwood Genetic Center:

“This is very good”

“This is great. I will tell everyone about this. Thanks”

“It was awesome”

As the wave of telemedicine continue, the Greenwood Genetic Center will continue to provide highest standard of care and access to genetic services to
all residents of South Carolina with the assistance of telehealth. Who would have thought a geneticist could be just a click away?

See how our telehealth program is improving
care and helping families.

by Jennifer Lynch, Telehealth Coordinator

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