Gass First to Complete GGC's LGG Fellowship

Gass First to Complete GGC's LGG Fellowship

Greenwood, SC – Jennifer Gass, PhD, became the first trainee to complete a three-year Laboratory Genetics and Genomics (LGG) fellowship through the Greenwood Genetic Center’s Medical Genetics Training Program in June. Prior to joining GGC in 2017, Gass earned a PhD in Molecular Neuroscience
from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Jacksonville, FL, where she also completed fellowships in neuroscience and clinical genomics.

At GGC, Dr. Gass studied the implementation and interpretation of both molecular and cytogenetic diagnostic tests, as well as the development and validation
of new genetic testing assays for use in clinical settings. She will be joining former GGC Cytogenetics Laboratory Director, Dr. Katy Phelan, at Florida
Cancer Specialists in Fort Myers, Florida as Associate Director of the Genetics Laboratory.

GGC’s training program includes intensive education in laboratory technologies, clinical genetics, and diagnostic laboratory management. GGC is one of
only 44 sites in the US and the only program in SC offering such postgraduate training programs in clinical and laboratory genetics. Since the program
began in 1989, 38 fellows and residents have completed the training and have gone on to practice clinical genetics or take leadership roles in genetics
laboratories. The LGG fellowship track began at GGC in 2017, combining the clinical molecular and cytogenetics training into a single program.


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