GGC and Greenville Artist Host Exhibit to Share Message of Compassion

Nicole Shannon with Rare Rose painting

Greenwood, SC – The Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) will host the “Rare Roses” exhibit by Greenville artist Nicole Shannon during the month of October. The painting series is based on real roses with genetic abnormalities and was created as a tribute to the artist’s son, who was diagnosed with a deletion of 263 genes by GGC.

“As a mother and an artist, I have grown passionate about advocating for people born with genetic differences,” said Nicole. “Each rose is intended to remind us that we are all uniquely beautiful and deserving of love.”

GGC invited Nicole to participate in their annual Gene Week celebration to promote awareness of genetic disorders and the importance of the Center’s work to the families they serve.

“Nicole’s work is not only beautiful, but the message of compassion and acceptance that it displays is profound and important,” said Lori Bassett, MS, CGC, Director of Communications at GGC. “We are honored that she wanted to share her work and her story with GGC and our community.”

GGC will showcase “Rare Roses” on their main campus at the JC Self Research Institute, 113 Gregor Mendel Circle in Greenwood. A public artist reception will be held on Thursday, October 6th from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm.

The show will also be available for public viewing at GGC during the month of October on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 am-12 Noon and 2:00-4:00 pm.

The exhibit will include limited-edition 36’ X 36’ giclee framed canvas prints of all twelve original ‘Rare Roses’ paintings. Eighty percent of sales from the pieces will be donated to the GGC Foundation’s GGC Cares Fund which provides funding for families who are unable to afford genetic testing.

“The Greenwood Genetic Center was there for us when our son was born and not only provided compassion, but also an answer,” said Nicole. “This is an excellent opportunity for me to support their mission to serve others patients and families who need that same compassion, innovation, and hope.”

To learn more about Nicole Shannon’s Rare Roses series, visit her website


About Nicole Shannon

Nicole Shannon is an artist and writer inspired by human potential and our capacity for creativity. A practicing goldsmith since she was fifteen years old, Nicole went on to study art at SUNY New Paltz and Savannah College of Art and Design. She has worked professionally as a custom goldsmith, a sculptor, a fashion designer, a writer, an art educator, UX architect, a product developer, and a mindset coach. She is also the founder of Create Potential. She lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

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