GGC Scholarship Honoring Retired Physician Benefits Connie Maxwell Students

Dr. Curtis Roger in the GGC Education center lab with two camp students

Greenwood, SC – Curtis Rogers, MD, served the Greenwood Genetic Center’s (GGC’s) patients and families for 40 years as a clinical geneticist. Upon his retirement last year, he was honored by the organization’s human resources (HR) department with the creation of a scholarship in his name.

GGC’s Director of HR, Janet Still, and Assistant HR Manager, Talitha Kay, funded the scholarship which covers the cost for two students from Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries in Greenwood to attend the Center’s Junior Genetic Scholars summer camp.

Cameron Turnnidge, a rising 9th grader, and Dana Baca Espinal, a rising 12th grader, are attending this week’s camp thanks to this scholarship. GGC has offered the popular summer camp since 2018 to provide engaging hands-on genetic activities to high school students who are interested in genetics.

“Dr. Rogers has passion, both for his patients and for sharing his love of genetics with the many students who have had to good fortune to train with him,” said Still. “Knowing this, Talitha and I wanted to honor him by providing educational opportunities for students to encourage their interest in genetics and to see firsthand how science provides answers and hope.”

“Dr. Rogers has always been a champion of GGC’s educational programs, and we are delighted that these students have the opportunity to explore this field that he has always been so passionate about,” added Leta Tribble, PhD, GGC’s Director of Education.

“I feel very honored for these students to be given this scholarship in my name because I am very strongly supportive of genetic education for high school students and college students,” said Rogers, who visited the camp on Tuesday. “It’s rewarding to see all of these excited faces of students as they learn about genetics.”


Photo:  Dr. Curtis Rogers (center) meets Connie Maxwell students, Cameron Turnnidge (l) and Dana Baca Espinal (r), in GGC’s Genetic Education Center laboratory during the 2023 summer camp


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