Greenwood Genetic Center Partnership Campus Announces the Launch of New Website

Greenwood Genetic Center Partnership Campus Announces the Launch of New Website

Greenwood Partnership Alliance and Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation launch a new website for growth of the GGC Partnership Campus

The Greenwood Genetic Center Partnership Campus, a location of choice for companies and organizations seeking state-of-the-art technologies, access to
medical and educational resources, a life sciences community for collaboration, and space for innovation, is proud to announce the launch of its newly
redesigned website at

The improved site provides an interactive modern design, enhanced usability, and in-depth information essential to market and develop the local cluster
for technologies related to human and medical genetics, biotechnology, life science enterprises, and related operations.

“The GGC Partnership Campus provides a unique opportunity to grow the biotechnology sector in South Carolina and make advances that will ultimately improve
the quality of life for patients around the world,” said Steve Skinner, MD, GGC Director. “This
new and improved website allows us to showcase the many advantages of our campus for companies looking to get started in the industry or expand their

The 191-acre campus is showcased as a dynamic, harmonious district serving as both a critical anchor of Greenwood’s Medical Innovation District and a vital,
connection hub within the broader Greenwood community. The new site provides in-depth information regarding the campus and business location opportunities,
from laboratory space to property sites available for developing bioscience headquarters.

“The new GGC Partnership Campus website gives organizations an up-close look at what the Greenwood Genetic Center campus and surrounding Greenwood community
have to offer,” said Boo Ramage, Special Assistant to the Director at GGC. “From highlighting the
partnerships between GGC and current campus residents, Clemson University and Circa Biosciences, to exploring financial incentives and quality of life
in Greenwood, the website is a wonderful starting point for life science companies looking to thrive in a collaborative and dynamic environment.”

Visitors are encouraged to explore the GGC Partnership Campus online and schedule a tour to learn how the campus plays a key role in growing life sciences
and genetics organizations.

About Greenwood Partnership Alliance

The Greenwood Partnership Alliance is a non-profit organization established to promote and enhance the economic growth and development of Greenwood County. Since 2007, GPA efforts have resulted in the announcement of more than 3,400 new jobs and more than $1.3 billion in capital investment in Greenwood County, SC. To learn more, call (864) 388-1250 or visit




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