Schwartz Shares Expertise in Honduras

Schwartz Shares Expertise in Honduras

Charles Schwartz, PhD, Director of Research at the JC Self Research Institute of the Greenwood Genetic Center, was invited to share the Center’s work at a conference in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. At the April meeting, “Advances in Genetics,” Schwartz presented two talks on the clinical aspects of intellectual disability and split hand/foot malformations.

“Our research and diagnostic laboratories have worked with Honduran medical professionals for over a decade, a relationship started by GGC Director Dr. Steve Skinner and neurologist Dr. Ken Holden during their medical mission trips to the country,” said Schwartz. “We have assisted in numerous cases in identifying genetic disorders and providing treatments for Honduran patients and have shared our expertise with physicians who often lack many of the basic medical resources we enjoy.”

From that relationship, the organizers of the conference invited Schwartz to educate medical students on how to identify, diagnose, and manage patients with intellectual disabilities and birth defects of the limbs.

“Honduras is an impoverished country and we have been fortunate to be able to bring some medical advances and treatments to these underserved patients,” said Skinner. “This invitation to share our knowledge and experience with colleagues who have such limited resources is a key step to helping improve the state of genetic medicine for patients globally.”

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Photo: The speakers were recognized following the conference on April 7, (L-R) Dr. Jaime Nunes, Schwartz, Marco Antonio Suazo, Dr. Edwin Herrera-Paz, and Dr. Hector Ramos

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