Finley, Alex

Laboratory Genetic Counselor

Finley, Alex

Alex joined Greenwood Genetic Center in 2023 as a laboratory genetic counselor. Previously, she was a prenatal genetic counselor in a maternal fetal medicine clinic in Savannah, Georgia. Alex is interested in the multidisciplinary integration of communications, graphic design, and education within genetics to promote holistic healthcare and service. Alex serves as a liaison between the GGC Diagnostic Laboratories and our network of referring physicians, genetic counselors, and other healthcare providers. She is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and is certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

Contact Information

Office: (864) 388-1053
[email protected]


  • B.S. Biochemistry, University of Minnesota, 2020
  • B.S. Technical Writing and Communication, University of Minnesota, 2020
  • M.S. Genetic Counseling, University of Utah, 2022

Selected Publications

  • Finley, A. K., Andoni, L., May, C. A., Stark, L. A., & Dent, K. M. (2023). Exploring the impact of virtual SPIKES training on genetic counselors’ confidence to deliver difficult news. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 00, 1–10.
Mother and son

A Rare Beauty

The lobby of the JC Self Research Institute at GGC was transformed into a garden – of sorts. The art exhibit titled ‘Rare Roses’ consisted of 12 paintings that depict real roses with genetic variations. The series was created by Nicole Shannon, an artist from Greenville. Nicole was inspired by her son, who has a rare genetic disorder, and other individuals with genetic differences. Quinn, now 4, was born with a myriad of health issues and ...

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