Kandhadai, Adithya

Data Scientist

Kandhadai, Adithya

Adithya Kandhadai, known to most as “PK”, joined GGC in 2021 as a Bioinformatics Specialist. In addition to helping process NGS data through clinical pipelines, he works on developing new methods of analysis that seek to improve the overall diagnostic yield.

Some of his projects include analysis of methylation data from the EpiSign test to identify outlier methylation events that could guide diagnostics, and developing an RNA-Seq analysis pipeline to identify rare events of potential clinical significance at the transcriptomic level. He has also developed a normalization method for depth of coverage in the mitochondrial panel test to aid in the detection of copy number variants.

Contact Information

Office: (864) 388-1701
email: [email protected]


  • B. Tech, Engineering Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 2013
  • PhD, Physics, Clemson University, 2020
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