Greenwood Diagnostic Labs has a nearly 50 year history of excellence which is why numerous industry-leading biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and non-profit organizations have chosen to partner with us for their genetic testing needs. Our dedicated contract team provides exceptional customer service and support. We have provided laboratory testing services for more than 100 past, current, and upcoming projects for 20 different genetic conditions over the last 10 years.  Our diverse test menu, custom testing options, and extensive experience make Greenwood Diagnostic Labs an invaluable partner.

Opportunities for partnership include:

Clinical Trial Laboratory Testing

Greenwood Diagnostic Labs provides molecular and biochemical testing to support Sponsor-conducted clinical trials.  This includes chain of custody for clinical trial specimens along with a thorough QA program and regulatory experience.

Functional Studies

The Greenwood Genetic Center has developed an investigational biochemical platform for the functional characterization of molecular variants.  VARIFY, a cell-based platform, provides in vitro functional analysis for individual molecular variants of uncertain significance in the IDUA or IDS genes.

Novel Assay Development Capabilities

All clinical diagnostic assays are validated by CAP/CLIA standards. FDA level validations can be accommodated for specific biomarkers when CAP/CLIA standards are insufficient to meet the needs of the clinical trial requirements.  If a desired biomarker is not currently offered on the GGC test menu, novel assay development/validation will be considered to meet the needs of a specific clinical study.

Pre-Clinical Laboratory Testing

Specimens from animal models are accepted for testing in our laboratory, utilizing existing clinical assays as part of pre-clinical studies.  Previous experience includes non-human primates, mice, and zebrafish.

Reference Laboratory Testing

Greenwood has also served as a reference lab for hospitals and other laboratories across the U.S.  Our specialized genetic testing menu is available to complement the facility’s internal test menu increasing options for their patient population.  We are also able to provide specimen collection kits for some sample types to help facilitate testing.

Sponsored Clinical Testing Programs

The availability of no cost to patient, industry-sponsored testing programs has increased significantly to improve patients’ access to genetic testing and ultimately available therapies. We work directly with companies and patient advocacy organizations to provide the clinical testing services for these sponsored programs to either make an initial diagnosis or to monitor treatment. Our full test menu as well as custom tests are available to meet the specific needs of sponsored programs.

Additional Benefits of Partnering with Greenwood

  • Dedicated team with combined 49 years of experience.
  • Reporting options including:
    • Individual Clinical Reports
    • Cumulative Data Transfers
    • Secure Results Portal

Please contact Kellie Walden, MS, CGC for additional questions.

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Our daughter, Ryleigh, was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal deletion shortly after she was born in 2010. Since we received her diagnosis, the Greenwood Genetic Center has become part of our family. They made certain that we did not feel alone, and they continue to provide ongoing, compassionate care for our child. The impact they have had on our family and others across the globe everyday is immeasurable. We can't imagine walking this journey without...

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