Clinic Forms

For patients who may benefit from a genetic evaluation, make a clinical referral to one of our five locations across South Carolina. Our expert team of clinical geneticists, physician associates, genetic counselors, psychologists, dietitians, and nurses all stand ready to provide the highest quality genetics evaluations, care, and treatment. Diagnostic laboratory testing requisition forms can be accessed here.

Clinical Referrals

The Greenwood Genetic Center accepts clinical referrals through either Epic or the GGC online referral form. 

  • EPIC referrals – GGC is on the Prisma Epic system. A non-GGC office can enter a referral through Epic as directed below:

    Referral class: Internal.   
    Referred to department:  GGC-Office Location  (Greenwood, Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Florence

  • Online Referral Form 
    Please use this secure online form for clinic referrals to any of GGC’s five locations. 

Meet Ella

We will remember February 26th for the rest of our lives. On that day, we received the call from the Greenwood Genetic Center that they had discovered our daughter, Ella Marie, has Kleefstra syndrome. Very early on, my wife, Kelly, observed Ella being delayed in some of her milestones. Kelly monitored Ella’s progression and sought out testing in an effort to get Ella some assistance. Along the way, we were sent to GGC and met with LEARN MORE

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